Saturday Links – 07/10/2006

Firstly, I suggest you go and read a Me and GTD article at DailyPlanIt, which offers alternative terminology to the one used in David Allen’s Getting Things Done book.

Those of you who are just getting started with GTD, might find some of the suggested alternatives easier to live by.

And another good article for you to read is by Dave Cheong. He answers a reader’s question and explains How To Limit Time On Good Distractions:

For me, I find that my time is often scarce and I have to make conscious decisions on how to spend them. Most of the time it is about opportunity costs – that is, what am I giving up by choosing to spend my time doing X instead of Y. The most important thing here is to make decisions consciously. Don’t let things happen without your control – if that happens you only open yourself to disappointments.

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