Personal Development Carnival – November 5, 2006

Hi everyone, and welcome to the November 1, 2006 edition of the Personal Development Carnival!

To thank you for your participation and recognize the effort you put into writing articles, I have added all of your websites to the Personal Development Sites Search, and thanks to your websites, there is now a total of 48 websites searched!

There were 36 submissions this week. Not sure whether this counts as our new carnival record, but very impressive in any case!

Here are all the submissions:

Peter Kua presents Product innovation: Revisiting the formula of product leaders posted at

Alexandra Levit presents Be Your Company’s Best Ambassador posted at Water Cooler Wisdom.

Jack Yoest presents 6 Reasons Not To Show Up For Your Radio Or TV Appearance posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “Woody Allen once said that 80 per cent of success is showing up. And to succeed in business as well as show business: you must show up. Your Business Blogger was observing (and trying to stay out of the way of) a radio and blogger row a few weeks ago at the Family Research Council Briefing. We were lucky — guests and hosts seem to link up with minimal scheduling challenges. But this is becoming somewhat more unusual. Your Business Blogger is seeing a most disturbing trend: Guests who don’t show.”

Steve Olson presents Achieving Greatness posted at Steve Olson.

Travis Wright presents CG Podcast #004 – Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Podcast Series #03/16 – Self Confidence posted at Cultivate Greatness, saying, “This is Lesson 3 – Self-Confidence in the Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Podcast Series from | Personal Development Blog”

David Thomas presents Blinded by Ideas posted at GlitteringMuse, saying, “Skills learned from the Alexander Technique can improve mental as well as physical attitude.”

Kate Hudson presents What Society Teaches Us posted at Kate Hudson’s Blog.

Alexander Becker presents WOW: The Pareto Principle vs. the Necessity of the Unnecessary posted at WOW, saying, “Comparison determines quality.”

Amit presents The Driving ‘Ologies Part 3 – Universal Sat Nav! posted at Amit, saying, “Never get lost with your Universal Sat Nav!”

Wenchypoo presents The College Conundrum (L-O-N-G) posted at Mental Wastebasket.

isabella mori presents falling down – weakness and strength posted at change therapy, saying, “thanks for doing this!”

Steve presents The Human Puzzle posted at Poetic Pilgrimage.

Daniel Brenton presents A Lesson from the Devil posted at The Meaning of Existence (and all that): The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton, saying, “Lyman — Thank you for the opportunity of submitting to your Personal Development Carnival. I went though a very harsh time in my life in my early twenties, and during this time I learned some very valuable things in probably the hardest ways I could. But, as they say, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” During this time I learned a very important secret from one of the most evil people I’ve ever met, and I share this secret in “A Lesson from the Devil.” Hope you enjoy it. Again, thanks. Daniel”

Joseph presents How to attain success posted at help with everything.

Manny presents Success Methodologies: Obsession posted at Success Books, saying, “Obsession is good for the soul (and perhaps underrated).”

Conan Stevens presents A Practical Guide To Success And Personal Development » Blog Archive » How To Ask The Right Question To Get The Right Answer posted at Conan Stevens – successful at many things talking about life, saying, “Often people get ‘stuck’ in their lives and don’t know how to get out – the first thing is to set yourself the right questions to ask before you can find an answer”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Contending With Time posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog, saying, “Self-help humor about time management”

John Hill presents Setting Your Intentions posted at Universe Of Success.

Asher Lewis presents Rid Yourself of Procrastination Goblins Once and for All posted at, saying, “”Like a spooky creak in the attic, once you identify the source, you will no longer be frozen in fear, and will begin to see procrastination for what it really is … “”

Chris presents Thoughts on Being Funny posted at How to be Cooler.

Raymond David Salas presents Jason Winters Tea posted at – Power Tools for Mind, Body, and Soul.

Andy presents Don’t Act Like A Victim (Even If You Are) posted at – Get Your Think On, saying, “Overcoming difficult circumstances when you aren’t to blame.”

Bill Perry presents How to quit your job and never look back posted at Financial Freedom Library.

Shamelle presents Enhance Life: 7 Ways – How NOT to annoy people posted at Enhance Life.

Erek Ostrowski presents The One Way Street posted at Verve Coaching.

Henrik Edberg presents 18 ways to improve your body language posted at Henrik Edberg.

Steve Peters presents How To Improve Anything You Do posted at Steves Goal.

Travis Farnes presents I don’t do jobs! Be an avid job avoider. posted at Self Improvement with Travis Farnes.

Patricia presents 4 Steps To Make It Happen, Every Time posted at Patricia.

Erich Jaeckel presents How to Read People – Part 1 of 3 posted at LifeTraining – Online.

Jerry Lopper presents If You’re Serious About Growth Get a Coach posted at Purposeful Growth.

Nneka presents Something’s Calling Me posted at Balanced Life Center, saying, “Gleb, thanks for hosting this week.” You’re always welcome, Nneka!

David Maister presents Squeezing the Stress Sponge posted at Passion, People and Principles.

Rick Cockrum presents Why We Sleep (Part III) posted at Shards of Consciousness, saying, “This is the third article in a three part series on why we sleep and how to get the most out of sleep.”

Rheanni Lightwater presents Sacred Cow Tipping – Making a Difference posted at Intuitive Learning Circle Blog, saying, “An online consciousness raising game perfect for empowerment and getting out the vote.”

Vishal P. Rao presents Your Greatest Source of Strength – Yourself! posted at Relishing Life.

Thank you for your participation! Submit your blog article to the next edition of Personal Development Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

As for the next edition of this carnival, it is going to be hosted by Lyman Reed at his Creating a Better Life blog.

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  1. says

    Gleb, Lyman —

    Thank you for including “A Lesson from the Devil” in this edition of The Personal Development Carnival. It seems to me a big piece of developing as an individual is recognizing there are those who don’t play by any kind of ethics or rules, be honest with ourselves about it, and to learn how to effectively watch for and avoid them. That wasn’t the “moral” I wrote fo the story, but like the ingredients of Prego, “it’s in there.”

    I think for some my article may seem like it’s from way out in left field, but there’s stuff out in left field we can learn, and that’s probably why I’m here.

    All the best,


  2. says

    Hi Daniel!

    Thanks for taking your time to comment here. Not only do I agree with you in that it is vital to understand the rules of the game and acknowledge they are not obeyed or followed by some people, but I also think such lessons are best when they’re given from as personal point of view as you gave it.

    I have had a number of similar experiences myself, and had personally saved a friend of mine from a similarly evil man. There wasn’t anything particularly strange or unusual about him but one thing – he attacked everyone with an absolute certainty of himself being right. He made this girl cry in just a few minutes and no one in the room could do anything about him. And then I accidentally entered the room, recognized the situation and promptly took (more like dragged) her away. The man needed only a few words from me to feel much smaller and definitely wrong, and so he retired soon and we never saw him again.

    Hope to see you on my pages again, Daniel! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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