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The Why I blog meme has kicked off a week or two ago, and so it was just a question of time for me to get tagged.

Thanks, Ed, for doing this! I’m really touched by the words you’ve said about me and my blog, and can only say the same about your EvolvingTimes blog: you’re a great guy doing a wonderful job sharing your law of attraction expertise with everyone!

Update: I’ve just noticed that Pam from MakeTheMostOfU has tagged me as well! Better late than never, Pam, so I thank you for this (she tagged even before Ed did, by the looks of it)! I hope you’ve found my answers interesting enough!

So, what are my reasons to blog?

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Sharing knowledge and doing it in an easy to follow form
  • Learning new things and making sure I never stop learning
  • Meeting people and making friends
  • Changing the world, one small step at a time
  • Moving towards financial freedom: the earlier you think of it, the quicker you’ll get there
  • Being in greatest online communities ever – everyone gives something back
  • Experimenting with everything and learning from my mistakes

Funny enough, it proved to be rather hard to find someone in Personal Development community who has not given his or her reasons to blog, be it on the about page or in one of their posts.

Still, I would like to ask the following few people to take time and share their best reasons for blogging:

Anyone else wants to share your reasons? Please leave a comment, as it’s always useful to learn new ideas and perhaps realize there’s even more reasons for all of us to blog! Thanks!

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    Hi Gleb. Thanks for playing along, and for the kind words. I love that you’ve included moving towards financial freedom as one of your reasons. It’s great fun discovering all the different ways that blogging can contribute to financial freedom while, at the same time, being an activity that brings so many other powerful benefits and so much joy.

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    Request accepted! I’ll write the article soon, looking forward to seeing what answers I get myself, sometimes we’re not always aware of our motivations. Great idea and thanks for including me Gleb!

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    Thanks for the tag Gleb. I’ll write the article for Friday, it’ll be interesting to read everyone elses reasons. The experimenting and gaining financial freedom is a great reason to blog.

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    Here is my idea why I write anything personal, no matter if it is a blog or anything else.
    -I want something left after I die and the only good way to pass it to my kids and their kids and kids of their kids is to write it down.
    -I want to slow my brain down when I’m thinking about something. Slowing down helps in concentrating on a particular idea and helps getting the most out of it. And the only good way to slow human brain down is to write.

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments and reasons for blogging.

    I also think that writing is always a good way to both stay organized and get to reach more people with your message.

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    Everybody wants to share their views with the world. You could stand out on the street shouting from the top of your voice like a madman, or you can start a blog.
    Personally, i like to stand in the streets, but i also started blogging, simply because it’s a cool way to share your knowledge. oh’ i also do it for the chicks…chicks love blogger s i hear :)

    We’re blogging…blogging…and i hope you like blogging too.


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