Remember Everything You Want (Kindle eBook FREE today only)

Hi everyone, I just got a tip from one of the readers that a really nice Kindle book – Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest – is free on Amazon this weekend. To be precise, it’s been on sale from Thursday and will back to its normal price some time this Saturday.

I’ve been lucky to still get it for free so if you have spare two minutes – hurry up  and do the same, reviews for the book are quite positive and it’s probably going to take you just a few clicks to download and a few hours max to read. I will read the book and post my review here.

The ebook description is quite comprehensive but if you want even more info, please head to the official page of the book and read about its launch: Remember Everything – Book Launch.

Remember Everything You Want and Manage the Rest is a practical guide for anyone who wishes to improve their memory and learning and master information in a knowledge intensive world. It merges rapid memorization and long-term memory improvement techniques with information and knowledge management to provide a comprehensive solution for students, professionals, and life-long learners. The book contains a wealth of easy-to-follow examples.

Update April 16, 2014: Version 1.1 (higher-resolution images, updated step-by-step guidelines and software illustrations, and more)

Memorization is not enough
"Create a memory palace and store everything in your brain." Does this really work? Yes - mnemonic techniques allow you to memorize a large fact file, learn foreign languages, and give an important speech completely from memory. Consequently, we cover the most effective memory improvement methods and accompany them with real-life examples.

But to really keep what you have learned, you have to reinforce it. This book scratches more than the surface when it comes to the most powerful memory technique of all - Practicing recall using effective methods and modern computer software.

Besides, what do you want to remember in the first place?
There is more information on the Internet than you would ever want to remember - and a lot of it will be outdated in a few years. Don't "download" it all into your brain or your computer. Instead, become smart about extracting the important information, taking notes, and organizing what is relevant for your life, business, research, or studies, so that you can re-find and use it with ease while it is relevant.

What can you expect from this book?
  • A comprehensive set of memory improvement techniques: Learn and review faster, pass exams, memorize foreign language vocabulary with confidence, and improve your memory in all areas of your life.
  • You learn how to extract, organize, and review information from all kinds of sources, including the web, books and e-books, videos, etc., using modern, mostly free computer software.
  • Re-find your information with ease, build your own digital library, and create bibliographies with the click of a few buttons.
  • You learn how to take and manage notes in innovative ways, including techniques such as mind mapping and outlining.
  • A very effective method to improve your attention span and concentration.
  • Techniques to beat absent-mindedness and stress.
  • A wealth of references and resources.
  • Easy-to-follow real-life examples.
Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

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  1. Green Solution Collective says

    This book really intrigues me. Do you think this has a hard copy? I would really like reading the book itself.

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