Nozbe client for iPhone and iPad


Just in time to celebrate Nozbe‘s 6 years in business, a new Nozbe client for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) is available as of today!

I’ve just downloaded the app and must say I’m impressed:

  • it feels snappy enough on my rather dated iPhone 4 – scrolling through the lists is very smooth 
  • there’s fully-featured comments support: checklists, etc! Wohoo! :)
  • sync is faster and less visible, just the way it should be
  • design makes the most of the available space – in addition to labels, some contexts are shown using icons
  • both screen orientations are supported, I haven’t decided yet which one I like most
  • best of all: the new Nozbe app is FREE! This means you can now fully test whether Nozbe is the right tool for you without having to pay anything – free accounts have enough features to be useful. Register here!

All in all, it’s a great and welcome start.

Well done Nozbe!

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  1. says

    Hi Ludwik, yes I’m pleased to admit that I stayed productive and focused despite my switch from one solution to another.

    A proper post with my first impressions about Nozbe is coming up!

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